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Parades and Events

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New Hope, PA – 5/20/23
San Juan, PR – 6/4/23
Dallas, TX – 6/4/23
Asbury Park, NJ – 6/4/23
Los Angeles, CA – 6/11/23
Providence, RI – 6/24/23
St. Petersburg, FL – 6/24/23
Fayetteville, AR – 6/24/23
Cincinnati, OH – 6/24/23
Chicago, IL – 6/25/23
New York, NY – 6/25/23
Twin Cities, MN – 6/25/23
Toronto, Canada – 6/25/23
London, United Kingdom – 7/1/23
Cologne, Germany – 7/9/23

Each year, CARE WITH PRIDE® sponsors 25+ Pride parades and events globally engaging 2000+ employees, non-profit partners, friends and families.

New Hope, PA Pride Parade New Hope, PA
New York City Pride Parade New York, NY
Los Angeles Pride Parade Los Angeles, CA
Zurich, Switzerland Pride Parade Zurich, Switzerland

Community Support

Family Equality logo
Company partners at the Family Equality Gala

2022 Family Equality Night at the Pier Gala

(Pictured Left to Right: Reed Harris II, Scott Creighton, Bob Widmer, Kathy Widmer, Kopper Overton, Matt Wagner, Michael Hewer, Joe Contrino, Matt Jenks)